The mission of Eggleston Youth Centers, Inc. is to be the bridge towards healing, hope and resiliency by providing caring and integrative services to our population served.


Eggleston’s vision is to serve as an exemplar for providing nurturing, holistic, compassionate, evidenced-based therapeutic treatment programs to ensure that every person served has the tools to lead sustainable and meaningful lives. Our vision is driven by a cadre of high quality treatment teams dedicated to serving children, adolescents, young adults and families who have been the victims of abuse, neglect, or are experiencing behavioral health or substance use issues.


Eggleston’s mission and vision are further defined by a set of core values that embrace the organization and serve as guiding principles for how we manage our work and fulfill our goals. The shared commitment to upholding and honoring these core values is steadfast and supports Eggleston’s philosophy of making children and families our first priority. Our success is determined by actual measurable outcomes of services provided.

Eggleston’s core values are:

Accountability – We uphold our responsibility for the resources entrusted to us and manage them with the highest standards of continuous quality improvement.

Collaboration – We acknowledge that working together with youth, families, support systems, professionals and community are essential in meeting the needs of our clients. We actively seek ways to include our clients in decision-making to achieve self-defined improvements in the quality of their lives.

Commitment – We commit ourselves to the total well-being of our clients who place their trust in us.

Diversity and Inclusiveness – We strive to maintain an organization that embraces the unique cultural characteristics and diverse background of our clients. We support a culture that respects and embraces human differences in the workplace while servicing our clients.

Ethics – We mandate that our employees maintain the highest standards of ethics and professionalism as established by the professional community and our contractual agreements.

Excellence – We strive to provide the highest quality of trauma-informed services while simultaneously ensuring that resources are aligned with agency goals and objectives.